Elizabeth (2018)

Armpits, Feet, All over tickling, Sock removal, Belly button, belly |

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Clip Story

meet elizabeth. 

elizabeth is a cute and ticklish girl who came to us through a "ticklish girls needed" ad that we posted. 

she was really cute and helpless to reut's tuch.... 

as you can see we have also upgraded our device (perspexi) 

it got a new name and now it can hold the victim standing as well as lying down ! 

lets hear your voice cheering for the new and improved PersWooDskI ! 

Reut's side of view: 

well i LOVE PERSWOODSKI!!!, and you can see why, 

it was really fun tickling with it, and you can do so many things! 

so elizabeth was its first but not last victim! 

a sweet girl, very ticklish, she laught before we even started ( i love when they do that> 

we started out by tickling all over her armpits and belly 





Tickling elizabeth part 1 (8:24min long. short 1min interview included !) 


Tickled in her underwear. Tickling elizabeth part 2 ! ( 7 min LONG ) 


after some worm up shown in the first clip, we decided to loose some of elizabeth clothes.... 

she got tied to perswoodski in her underwear exposed to our tuch. 

reut continued with her light touch tickling and then i joined with some heavy tickling. 

we really enjoyed her reactions her laugh and her endless efforts to get loose... 

elizabeth was stretched and exposed to our slightest touch and the lost of control drove her crazy ! 

enjoy ! 


Reut Tickle's elizabeth's FEET - PART 1 - 


elizabeth has small and very cute feet. 

reut dosen't really care about where to tickle.... 

she just enjoy making this poor girl suffer :) 

elizabeth is really ticklish all over her body and specially on her feet. 

reut grabs some moisturizer cream and starts messaging elizabeth's feet. 

even this touch drives elizabeth crazy ! 

you can see on retu's face that she really like what she is doing. 

there will be part two for this clip.... 

stay tuned.... 


Elizabeth feet part 2! 


We introduced her to the electrical tooth brush!! 

I really like the reaction when they hear it, so fearful and helpless 

She has some really ticklish feet! Especially when the toothbrush is right between those baby toes, or when I tickled both her 

feet with my fingers…. 

You can hear Those little shouts of her when laughing just isn't enough for her to deal with the intense tickling. 

Enjoy! reut 



Reut tickle's elizabeth part 3 


elizabet torment continues ! 

elizabeth is now tied while lying on her belly. 

her back and sides are exposed for us to tickle them. 

reut shows no mercy on elizabeth, she is doing everything she can to drive her crazy! 

the fact that elizabeth couldn't see what we are doing adds for her helpless feeling. 


Elizabeth part 4 


check out our new device for his first time standing up!!!! 

now you can see what the two black squares on the sides are, 

they are holes for my hands, now you can see them in use. 

We double teamed against her tickling her nonstop from front and behind through the holes 

you can see how tired and hot she got from laughing and trying to get away from our 

Tickling fingers. 

Enjoy :) 


Elizabeth part 5 * last one * 

This is the last part of Elizabeth and really pushed her to her limits 

Tickling her standing up on Perswoodsky our improved device 

She was total helpless banging her hand screaming and laughing 

Too exhausted to speak other then an occasional "NO" 

which I interpreted as " please carry on" :) 



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