Yana (2018)

Armpits, Feet, Sock removal, belly, Extreme tickle torture |

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Tickling yana part 1 (clips is 07:04min long) 

Yana came to us very familiar with tickling, telling us how tickling works in the brain,And why we react the way we do… 

(not like we didn't already knew) maybe she has a secret tickling fetish herself.. 

So she was prepared for what's was going to happen , or so she thought **evil laugh** 

a very tiny ticklish girl, very sensitive to the light touching on her underarms and when I started pressing on her ribs her cute laughter just got louder… 

you can see how she tries to be aware of what's happening but unable to stay in control under the tickling Hope you enjoy! 



Reut tickles yana part 2 (07:04min long) 

We kept tickling her little belly and armpits taking some good armpits close ups 

And then we tied her standing up on PersWoodsky (our awesome device) 

And teamed up against her tickling her ticklish body. 

she tried to hold it in for a little bit but broke down really fast especially when found a spot, 

on the back side of her ribs which drove her crazy 




Tickling yana part 3 (8:14 min long) 

After tickling Yana for a while, you could see she got a little tiered 

So we decided to tie her up on our special device and give her our own special treatment 

In this clip you will see Reut exhausting Yana by tickling her in her sweet little belly 

And you could see me sneaking from behind, surprising Yana by tickling her armpits 

That was a lot of fun.. :) 


Tickling Yana part 4 (6:40min long) 

So we flipped her over on her belly so we could get to Those ticklish spots on her back! 

And we sure did got them, we tickled her all over her tiny back,Her Ribs, sides and armpits 

and she was found to be really ticklish lying face down! 

Poor girl had to stuff her had in a pillow, 

didn't help her very much… 




Reut tickle's yana's FEET (clip is 8:04 min long) 

This part is all about Yana's feet! 

Yana is really ticklish on her feet. 

Reut start's tickling Yana's feet while her sucks still on. 

Even with her sucks on, Yana can barely stand reut touching her feet. 

Then, reut start's to slowly remove her sucks, 

And then….. 

Well Just watch the preview…. 

I'm sure you will understand….. 



reut tickles Yana's FEET part 2 (clip is 8:00 min long) 

Yana's feet are so ticklish that I couldn’t stop tickling them. 

I mainly tickled her with my fingers because she was more sensitive to them 

then to the electric tooth brush, my fingers made her insane, 

She got so wild trying to get loose she was hurting her poor little heal 

Banging it on Perswoodsky until we had to put the heart pillow below. 

At some point I trapped her poor feet between my thighs 

and used both of my hands tickling Slow and fast all over her ticklish feet 

she could not take it, such a small girl and still it was hard for me to restrain her…. 




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