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Tickling Curly Ronit Part 1 

Meet Ronit, a sweet tiny, very ticklish girl, 

Ronit most kindly told us her most ticklish spot (like I wouldn't find out alone) 

Her Belly! And she proved to be ticklish well pretty much everywhere! 

She didn't really know what she was up for. 

I started up gently ticking her armpits belly checked out her cute bellybutton 

I liked that she didn't tried to hold it in and immediately burst into laugher, 

I kind of think she enjoyed it too (between every "please stop" or two) 



Reut tickle's Ronit part 2 ! 

**** THIS CLIP IS 7:30 MIN LONG **** 

After the first part we took a little break and ronit started to tell us a story, 

I wanted to see how her story telling ability under severe tickling! 

And well their not very good!, we really ganged up on her, 

Me tickling her armpits, shay her sides and belly and vice versa, 

She really tried to scream in English, so will understand most of what 

she screams, she have a very beautiful burst of laugher and screaming combination. 



reut tickles Ronit Part 3 - CLIP IS 7:44min LONG - 

This is a Standing up video, we put our device "PersWoodski" 

in a standing mode And got those nice hand holes in to use! 

The expectation must have killed her, and it shows on her face, 

not knowing when it will come, We really tortured the poor girl, 

double teamed on her, tickling her sides 

Armpits, ribs toothbrush in her bellybutton! 

She was almost too exhausted to laugh but she couldn’t stop her self 

Bursting into laughter. 



Tickling Ronit Part 4! - CLIP IS 07:14min LONG - 

The torture continues as we tickle her all over 

her Very ticklish armpits belly sides and ribs, 

Ronit is on the verge of losing it completely, she is exhausted but cannot stop laughing 

From tender tickling with my fingernails to intense ticklish 

she could not catch a breath, Her fault she is so ticklish . 

there are some very good armpits and belly close ups! 



Ronit's Feet - CLIP IS 6:54min LONG - 

Ronit have a very ticklish small pretty feet! 

I started out tickling her with her socks on, gently with my fingernails 

Slowly I started to remove her socks finding out where 

Is the most ticklish, I just love her reactions! 

And her sweet giggling and laugher as i 

tickled her with my fingers and with an electric toothbrush. 



Reut tickles ronit feet part 2 - CLIP IS 11:04min LONG 

The torment on ronit feet continues. 

We have explored every inch in her very small feet. 

Her sock came off and some lotion was involved to increase her tickleness even more ! 

We have also tried to use a feather and our famous toothbrush 

But as we realized our hands are the best tool for this job 

I think that these small feet of her won't forget us any time soon. 


Ronit QUICKIE - INTENSE - *4:26min long* = GET THE FULL CLIP FOR 1$ ! 

this is the last part of ronit tickle session. 

its less then 5min so i want to try something new with you. 

if this sale will work well there will be more of this.... 

this part was shooted at the end of our session. 

we don't have a safe word here and its all pure tickletorture. 

ronit really get pushed to her limits here. 

reut tickles her all over her tiny body without mercy. 



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