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Yonit Part 1 – GANG-TICKING *clip is 6:20min long* 

Meet Yonit, one of our Three Friends who came together to our tickling shooting. 

Yonit is Very ticklish, I started out tickling her armpits gently with a feather, 

and she immediately started laughing uncontrollably. 

You can see her friends sitting aside laughing at poor yonit as I tickle her armpits sides and belly. 

Soon enough they came to join me tickle the poor girl mercilessly all over her body, 

they really enjoyed seeing her sweet suffering, ignoring her begging and pleading to stop. 

But don't worry payback is a bitch and they will all get it good. 



Tickling Yonit Part 2 - clip is 06:28min LONG - 

The gang tickle torture continue as four of us tickle her all over mercilessly! 

Poor Yonit is Very ticklish, she laughs and scream and make funny noises 

Not knowing what to do with the extreme tickling, 

She cannot catch a break as 8 hands tickle her sides armpits belly and neck 

After a while we tied her standing up to Perswoodski first it was just me tickling her 

gently building up expectation to what she know will come next 



Tickling Yonit part 3! - clip is 04:22min long - 

And the gang joins in for some standing tickling! 

Seeing all four of us marching at her fingers spread 

Evil eyes and wicked smiles must of really freaked her out! 

She just went totally insane there, her "friends" didn't 

Show any mercy on her…. Well it will come back at them 



Tickling Yonit's FEET! - clip is 6:12min longm - 

Well you will be very happy to hear that yonit's feet 

Are very Ticklish! I stated out with the feather because it proved 

To be very effective on her armpits, on her feet my hands 

Really got her going, and when I pulled the electric toothbrush 

Right between those baby toes she got really crazy, 

You can see her friends sitting laughing, good friends indeed, 

their time will come soon 



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