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Tickling Vera part one! - clips is 6:10min long - 

Meet Vera, the second victim of the three friends who came! 

You can see Vera as a very mean tickler, as she tickled Yonit, 

But well her time has come! 

Vera is very ticklish!, I started tickling her gently with the feathers 

and she immediately started laughing, then I tickled her all over her ticklish 

armpits, sides, belly and thighs, shay also joined me, as we doubled teemed 

on the poor girl, and her "friends" They join us soon 



Tickling Vera part 2 - clip is 07:44min long - 

And the gang joins in! 

Before the girls joined me for the tickling I found Vera's most ticklish spot! 

Her bellybutton, you could not believe how ticklish it is, I just touched her gently 

And she yield "please don't tickle my bellybutton", but all I could hear was please tickle my 

Bellybutton until I can't take it anymore 

And then the gang joined me….so not only me torturing her bellybutton, all her friends tickling her 

all over her ticklish body! She screamed and laughed cursing her friends in Hebrew. 

Well, payback is bitch 



Tickling VERA part 3 - clips is 08:44min long ! - 

The torture continues as we put her in our standing position! 

I started out tickling her, torturing her extremely ticklish belly button! 

She could not stand it, she screamed and begged, poor girl… 

And then we called the gang to join in on the tickling, 

Four girls, eight hands, 40 fingers, tickling her all over her ticklish body, 

A payback for how she tortured them before 

but they also really liked her sweet suffering. 



Tickling Vera Feet - 8:54min LONG - 

You will be happy to know that her feet are extremely Ticklish! 

I started out lightly and softly tickling her feet and she screamed, 

You can hear in her voice that she was afraid, and she was right to be!, 

She could not stand it, you could see on her face she is surprised 

from how much it tickles her, especially when I pulled the electric toothbrush and 

stuck it between little ticklish toes. 



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