Jasmine (2018)

Armpits, Feet, All over tickling, Belly button, belly, 3 ON 1 |

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Clip Story

Jasmine turn ! 


she tickled them, thay told her taht she will not get away easy. 

now, its PAYBACK TIME ! 


Tickling jasmine part 1 - clip is 5:49min long - 

Jasmine is sweet and ticklish. 

We really like this combination…. 

This is the first part of jenifer's turn to get tickled. 

Reut start tickling her upper body slowly as always. 

While the rest of her friends site and watch how their loved friend 

Get tortured. 

She knows that they will join the party soon and she can't even handle reut alone 

So what's coming to her isn't very promising…. 




Tickling jasmine part 2 -clip time is 07:22min- 

The gang tickling continues on poor ticklish jasmine 

I started tickling her as shay came to help me, 

and slowly all her friends 

Joined tickling her as she laugh and scream for us to stop, 

To think that She could barely stand just me tickling her, Enjoy! 



Jasmine part 3 – her feet - clip is 05:21min long - 

Reut pays attention to jasmine's feet. 

Jasmine now need's to handle many people looking at her, 

While reut plays with her feet. 

I can't say that her feet are her most sensitive part in her body, 

But you can clearly see when reut find the spots that drive her crazy! 

This clip is 100% feet tickling. 





part 4 - clip is 3:20min long - 

In this part jasmine get attacked by her friends 

i wanted my cusine to hold her but she culdn't do it 

jasmine was to strong for her. 

so we got my cusin boyfriend to hold her while all of her friends tortured her all over her body ! 




Tickling jasmine part 5 - clips is 5:11min long - 

This is the last part in the jasmine series. 

Jasmine knew it, I knew it but the worst part for her was that her friends knew it to. 

And they all remember what she did to them when it was their turn…. 

They attack jasmine with 40 and sometime 50 fingers at the same time! 

Jasmine gets tickled all over her body!


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