Yam (2018)

Armpits, Feet, All over tickling, Belly button, belly |

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Tickling yam. 


Meet yam. 

Yam is another friend of my cousin 

She has arrived during our session with all of her other friends. 

She got tempted to tickle her friend while they were helpless 

So they decided for her that she should be helpless to.





Tickling yam part 1 –clip is 08:08min long- 

This is the first clip of yam being tickled. 

Yam gets tied to perswoodski and tickled all over her body. 

We started the session with reut checking out the new victim. 

Reut tested her with her light touch that can drive anyone mad! 

Then I join the party and there's 20 fingers on her body. 

Then my cousin boyfriend join in and there's 30 fingers on her body ! 

And then my cousin and yam's friends join in, tickling, pinching, touching 

Basically driving yam crazy with 50 crazy fingers !!!! 



Yams arms holding. - CLIP IS 04:04MIN LONG - 

In this part my cousin boyfriend helped us to restrain yam 

While her good friends tickled her. 

In some point my cousin took his place as he couldn't hold her any more. 

(She is strong) 

Anyway, when her "good friends" felt like she isn't ticklish enough they started 

To pinch her…. That made her more sensitive  





And its feet time again ! - CLIP IS 04:17MIN LONG - 

Yam's feet are really nice ! 

I have to say that she isn't too ticklish on her feet. 

So reut started while yams stockings are still on 

And then she slowly removed exposing her feet to reut's magic touch 

In the meanwhile at the back you can see all the rest of the gang watching 

As their friend gets her turn on Perswoodski ! 





Tickling yam part 2 - CLIP IS 07:14MIN LONG - 

Poor yam is now tied to perswoodski in standing position. 

Yam gets her hands and legs spread out and there is nothing she can do 

Against the tickling. 

In this clip you can see my cousin, reut, and myself doing our best to get yam loos her mind ! 


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