Shaey (2018)

Armpits, Feet, Belly button, Extreme tickle torture |

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Ticklish shaey 


meet shaey 

shaey studies in the same class with lola the other girl in the video and with tami 

yes, again, lola is going to get tickled too.... 

one of her clips is already available at our members site 


Tickling shaey part 1 - clip is 6:21min long - 

as her friends lola and tami shaey is allso really ticklish 

this clip starts as reut site on shaey legs and start with her crazy tickle touch 

its really hard to understand whats going on with shaey because she just laugh and then silence 

she stop laughing but her face expression isn't changing and she is not breathing ! 

so we had to pay attention to keep her safe ! 

all this time, lola is there she is looking and shaey looks at her for help, but as you know 

with us, it's not done until reut says so ! 

in this clip you will allso find me showing shaey some of my intance tickle skills that she will 

meet later on..... 

shaey gets tickled on her legs,belly,belly bottom,armpits and neck 



Tickling shaey part 2 - clip is 6:36min long - 


well, this is a first for us.... shaey isn't complaining too much 

but when we look at her we can actually see that she is not breathing ! 

we have tighten the ropes and we have stretched her as much as we can. 

i even held her hands while reut tortured her poor armpits. 

her face was so poor, she is just looking for help from all possible direction 

then, when reut sat on her legs and started ticking her inner thighs she just lost it ! 

you can see her giving lola (her friend) a please get me the fuck out of this !!!!! 

but she just look at her and smile 

shaey gets tickled on her armpits, belly, hips and thighs. 


Tickling shaey part 3 HER FEET - clip is 7:24min long - 

feather, hair brush and hands treatment. 

ok, belly tickling - CHECK, armpits - CHECK, legs - CHECK, so it must be FEET TICKLING TIME ! 

poor shaey is still bound to our device. 

she is really tired and she's not even half way done. 

reut sits down near her fully exposed tiny feet and starts with her slow an methodical tickling. 

at first at it seems that shaey dosen't really mind reut playing with her feet. 

but after a few seconds this touching starts bugging her and her small feet try's to run away from reut hands. 

lola is at the back, watching her friend, knowing she's next. 

shaey is really shay.... she's not laughing really hard but the look on her face says it all. 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling shaey part 4 - clip is 5:22min long - 

sheay wants this to end ! 

she says that it hurts to smile ! and that she think that she will not smile for a month now ! 

but, unfortunately for her we are not done yet ! 

so we moved perswoodski to standing position. 

shaey didn't even saw the holes on perswoodski so reut's hands from behind came to here by surprise ! 

reut started with her ticklish armpits and moved on to her belly, sides, belly bottom, and thighs 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling shaey part 5 -The Last One - clip is 5:18min long - 

so, finally for shaey this is going to end. 

but not just yet !, if you know us, you know that we give it all on the end of the shooting. 

shay is still bound to perswoodski in standing position. 

she got her friend lola watching, reut running around tickling all of her already known ticklish spots 

while i, at the back, lifting her shirt just a little bit to expose her ticklish belly and belly button. 

she is tierd, helpless and she can't laugh anymore. 

i can tell you one thing.... this one is not coming for another session :) 

Enjoy ! 


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