Lola (2018)

Armpits, Feet, Belly button, Extreme tickle torture |

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finally ! i hope it was worth the waiting.... after making her friends suffer, its finally her turn to fell what they fell on her flash ! 


Reut tickles lola part 1 - clip is 8:06min long - 


lola is starched on our device.... 

reut starts by touching her gently on her ticklish belly, sides and armpits 

lola struggle to get away from reut's fingers but its all for nothing.... 

she started hurting her arms trying to get loos, 

so i joined the party and Starched her hands all the way up 

allowing reut to fully explorer her armpits. 

in while i was there, off curse i used some of my tickling moves :) 




Reut tickles lola part 2 - clip is 7:54min long - 


lola torment continues. 

lola is so sensitive now. 

reut barely touches her and she goes crazy ! 

reut's touch on her belly causes her to make sounds she didn't know she can make. 

i im holding lola's arm up fully exposing her ticklish armpits. 

then reut and i starts digging in driving her crazy ! 

next is her belly, belly button, neck, back, and some more armpits. 




Reut tickles lola part 3 - HER FEET - clip is 5:26min long - 

we really enjoyed lola as our ticklee. 

she has the sweetest laugh and really nice reactions. 

her feet reactions was really surprising for me. 

at first, even the slightest touch got her moving, making goosebumps all over her body. 

later on she actually enjoyed the tickling. 

and afterwords, its was really tickling again. 

ill let you judge by yourself ! 




Reut tickles lola part 4 - STANDING - clip is 5:04min long - 

we decided to Chang some clothes ans positioning on poor Lola. 

lola is now helplessly tied to perswoodski in standing position. 

her belly,ribs and pits are totally exposed. 

while reut was taking all of Lola's attention standing in front of her tickling her belly bottom 

i was sneaking from behind ! 

surprising Lola with something she didn't expect..... 

i just love her reactions ! 




Reut tickles lola part 5 - LAST ONE - clip is 6:34min long - 

This is what we like to call "GRAND FINALE" 

lola is tied to perswoodski in standing position. 

She is exhausted ! she can barely move. 

but she can't stand us tickling her. she is laughing and moaning, 

begging and cursing, basically she doesn't know what to do. 

lola gets tickled on her belly,sides,armpits,hips,belly bottom and neck. 

reut and i just attack her from all directions. 

i don't think she is going to try this again.... 

Enjoy ! 


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