Emma (2018)

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This is the story about A few guys, going to a bachelor party ! 

so, we traveled to Romania for the weekend 

drinking, parting, tons of beautiful girls all around. 

and then it hit me ! i have my camera i can get equipment 

so why shouldn't we tickle some of this beautiful girls ? 

i couldn't really find any reason why not to do it.... so.... here it is ! 

meet EMMA and ADRIAN 

we have found this 2 beautiful ladies on the street and we just didn't let them go until they said yes ! 


Tickling EMMA part 1 - clip time 08:08 Minutes - 

in this clip, you can see EMMA tied to our hotel bed, while Adrian realized that her friend is helpless. 

you can see in the beginning of the clip, that i ask adrian if she knows what she is going to do.... 

and she answer me with the most devilish look, "Im Going To Tickle Her" 

i didn't really had to say anything. Adrian was awesome. 

Adrian told me that she is a little hot on EMMA but EMMA is not really in to her.... (they are friends) 

so, Adrian took this chance to show EMMA what she can do with her hands ! 

Adrian tickles EMMA all over her Extremely ticklish body. 

enjoy ! 



Tickling EMMA part 2 - clip time 05:40 Minutes 

While Adrian is doing great job, i still think that my touch is needed to show EMMA what tickling is all about. 

I told EMMA, that she needs to expect the worse. because i have years of experience in tickling 

i think that it really got into her. her face, when i sat next to her on the bad was priceless ! 

EMMA gets tickled by Adrian, and yours truly all over her extremely ticklish body. 

her inner tights, feet, belly and armpits are extremely ticklish ! 

unfortunately for her, she couldn't pronounce the safe word that we discussed before the shooting. 

so it took me a while to understand what she is talking about.... 


Tickling EMMA part 3 - clip time 08:00 Minutes 

this part is really intense ! 

Adrian is really pist/hot on EMMA 

Emma keeps provoking Adrian, silly of her, but awesome for us ! 

Adrian just go crazy on emma's ticklish body ! 

it seemed like such fun ! so i decided to join in. 

this clip has it all ! 

feet,belly,pits,legs i think there isn't one inch of her that we didn't get to ! 


Tickling EMMA part 4 - clip time 09:00 Minutes 

This part is 50% upper body and 50% feet. 

Adrian is now all over EMMA 

I really couldn't ask for a better reaction not as a ticklee and not as a tickler 

Adrian and i felt that EMMA is using the safe word (bamba) to often. 

so we agreed to ignore what the hell she is saying.... just for a while :) 

overall, i think that Adrian took all this tickling thing really seriously ! 

when i looked at her i saw pure determination to tickle the hell out of her poor friend EMMA. 

she pulled her down when she tried to escape and she was the first one to ignore the safe word. 

emma gets tickled by me and Adrian on her sides,armpits,belly,ribs,thighs,legs,and feet. we also got rid off her sucks. 


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