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This is the story about A few guys, going to a bachelor party ! 

so, we traveled to Romania for the weekend 

drinking, parting, tons of beautiful girls all around. 

and then it hit me ! i have my camera i can get equipment 

so why shouldn't we tickle some of this beautiful girls ? 

i couldn't really find any reason why not to do it.... so.... here it is ! 

meet EMMA and ADRIAN 

we have found this 2 beautiful ladies on the street and we just didn't let them go until they said yes ! 


Tickling ADRIAN part 1 - clip time 08:24 Minutes - 

in this clip, you can see ADRIAN tied to our hotel bed, the tables has turned and she is the victim now ! 

Adrian really tortured the hell out of EMMA when she was tied to the bed... and now its payback time. 

When i say action Emma started by fixing her top (in the sexiest way i have ever seen) and started working on Adrian's ticklish body. 

she then slowly lifted adrian's shirt and started tickling her all over her body. 

this clips is packed with all over tickling.... i don't think she missed even one spot :) 

at some point i couldn't resist exposing Adrian's beautiful armpits and drive her crazy as Emma try's to come her down. 

enjoy the free preview and let me know what you think 



Tickling ADRIAN part 2 - clip time 09:00 Minutes - 

Adrian is totally helpless, her friend Emma has totally stopped listening to her

she do as i say ! beside, as this shooting went on Emma just got more and more exalted by torturing this poor girlfriend of her.

in this clip Adrian starts threatening EMMA and the only thing she gets is more tickling.

i specially enjoyed when Adrian told Emma to stop, and Emma asked her if she has a reason for her to stop,

when she didn't answer Emma said OK, and took of her suck :) this was an awesome moment....

this clip is really ALL OVER TICKLING. its a pure none stopping 9 minutes torture.

we have armpits,belly,legs,sock tickling, sock removal, and bare feet tickling.

enjoy the 1:30min preview ! 




Tickling ADRIAN part 3 - clip time 06:11 Minutes - 

This one is really brutal.... adrian was trying really hard to get loose.

our ropes started to loose their tension and we saw that Adrian could move a bit so we had to restrain her with our bodies !.

Adrian drank a full glass of water ( i'm not sure that it was such a good idea...) 

you can see at the beginning of the clip that Adrian tells Emma that her belly is felling funny because of the water movement :) 

in this clip, we attack adrians belly,armpits,sides,inner thigh,feet,neck and ears ! 

enjoy the 1:04min preview ! 




Tickling ADRIAN part 4 - clip time 09:24 Minutes - 

this is the last clip from this series. 

we took one last none stop footage. 

we have tortured this poor girl for more then 9 minutes.... 

this a real head to toe tickle torture. Adrian is exhausted,

but Emma tells me to keep going ! i decided trust Emma, and we just kept tickling Adrian until we lost all of our power :)

this is one of the most intense sessions we ever made ! 

in this clip, we attack Adrians belly,armpits,sides,inner thigh,feet,neck and ears ! 



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