Thai Girl (2018)

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Ticklish Thai Victim 

so we traveled to Thailand, for vacation not work. 

There at a Half-moon party, we came across this beautiful and sweet thai girl 

as you already know, i allays look for opportunities to shoot even if its not planned. 

fortunately for us, (and you) we had a Thai speaking friend among us ! 

after a really long conversation (i couldn't understand even 1 word from what they speak) 

we decided to meet again the next day in our hotel 

not only that she came, she brought a friend ! 

and this 2 cuties was extremely ticklish ! 

we couldn't find any bondage equipment so we had to improvise with scarf's and some leather cuffs 

that we found on the local market :) 

this sweet sweet girl get's tickled all over her body ! 


Ticklish Thai Victim part 1 - clip is 08:46 min long - 

This is the first part from this series. 

this clip starts with a behind the scene moments. 

you can see how we improvise with scarfs and cuffs to make sure this cutie isn't going anywhere. 

i just love her reactions when she truly understand's whats about to happen. 

her sweet innocent giggle just broke my heart :). 

first 3:30 minutes are mostly preparation. we are not tickling still, but even our slightest touch in order to secure her 

makes her giggle and laugh. 

from there to the end its pure torture.... specially when reut reaches her sensitive armpits from under her shirt. 

reut tickles her belly,pits,ribs and inner thighs. 



Ticklish Thai Victim part 2 - clip is 05:17 min long - 

As you can see from the first clip 

this sweet girl is really ticklish she made reut's job really easy. in this clip, we decided to expose a little bit more skin 

so we opened the button of her shorts jeans and lifted her shirt. 

her sweet ticklish body was no mach to reut's tickling fingers. 

then, we decided that reut should slowly crawl with her fingers under this poor girl shirt 

and make her scream as she tickles her extremely ticklish armpits ! 





Ticklish Thai Victim part 3 - clip is 07:49 min long - 

In parts 1&2 this ticklish barely legal pretty Thai girl armpits and belly are hiding ! 

we tried to expose them as much as we can but it wasn't easy. 

an even on clothes tickling seems to be too much for this poor girl.... 

any way, suddenly we saw something sticking out of her bag ! 

Oh may ! A half moon party sleeveless shirt ! (its not really a shirt... just a piece of fabric ! 

we asked her off course if its OK to wear it, fortunately for us she said yes ! 

now, with her ticklish skin exposed, the sky is the limit. and i think that we got pretty close :) 

first, reut tickles her all over her body. 

then, we change places just for a short time.... i think that she will remember me for a long time..... 



Ticklish Thai Victim part 4 - Upper and Feet on a ticklish thai treat ! - clip is 07:45 min long - 

This is actually the last part from this series. 

the first 4 minutes of this clip is really really really really instance upper body. 

reut is operating the camera while i go crazy on this extremely ticklish Thai treat. 

i tickle her armpits,sides,belly,inner thigh and legs. 

the rest of the clip is reut exploring thai girl feet 

i must say that thai girl isn't that ticklish on her feet 

specially after the extreme ticklishness she show on her upper body. 

but reut did make her laugh and try to escape. she is a PRO after all.... 



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