Ksenija (2018)

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Extremely ticklish Ukrainian model 

let's go on the short story this time. 

so, i proposed to my lovely wife (reut) we decided to get married 

so what is the first thing to do when you decide to get married ? 

bachelor party with all the friends in Ukraine off course ! 

so here we are, in Ukraine, and we found this gorgeous model named ksenja 

she didn't really understand what we we are talking about at the beginning 

she didn't even thought that she is ticklish. 

but few secundes after we started it was clear to everyone in the room that we jut hit the jackpot ! 

she had so much fun, that in the day after she brought a friend and tortured the hell out if her. 

ksenija gets tickled all over her ticklish body. 


Tickling ksenija part 1 *HOLD HER STILL* - clip is 06:22 min long - 

This is the first part from this Ukrainian series. 

in the first 60 seconds, ksenija is tied to the the rest of the clip, ksenija was held down by her friend alina. 

even when we are not trying to film "friends tickling friends" they some how come to us.... 

after ksenija's session, she suggested to call her friend.... she said that they have some open issues :) 

well, we couldn't say no.... we live for this kind of opportunities ! 

they both goth tortured to their limits. 

this part is all about holding your best friend when its hard for her to stand on her own :) 

I really love this 2 beauties ! 

hopefully you will love them also.... 



Tickling ksenija part 2 *I can't speak when you tickle !* - clip is 08:10 min long - 

Finally, beautiful ksenija is tied to the hotel bed. 

her movement is limited, and she is just about to find out how ticklish she really is. 

with her sides,belly,armpits,neck and thighs exposed, ksenija finally realized what's about to happen 

first few seconds are short interview, name, ticklish spots and so on. 

then i start to test her ticklish body, and trust me, there's lots of surprises there. 

at some point in this session, ksenja decided to share with us how her friend's like to tickle her from behind. 

this is my type of friends !, knowing this just got me more motivated to try and break this pretty girl. 

watch the long free preview. 

ksenija gets tickled all over her ticklish body. 





Tickling ksenija part 3 *Please Don't !* - clip is 07:40 min long - 

I think that this one can be summarized as the "closeup part" 

Ksenija's ticklish body is totally exposed and helpless. 

I can tickle her anywhere i want, and there is nothing that this poor beauty can do about it. 

I pay extra attention to her belly pits and inner thigh's. 

at some point, she got so exhausted that she started saying that its not tickling her #while laughing her throat out... 

i really enjoyed the closeups in this one. 

ksenija gets tickled all over her ticklish body. 





Tickling ksenija part 4 *WHAT? WHATT ????* - clip is 10:51 min long - 

Ksenija is so ticklish ! every time we touch here we get immediate reaction. 

ksenija's armpits are fully exposed, and i take advantage of every second ! 

she doesn't have the best English and every time that she didn't understand what we are saying, 

she just asked WHAT WHATT?? in her super cute accent. 

it was like music to our ears ! 

ksenija gets tickled all over her ticklish body. 



Tickling ksenija part 5 *OY, BLAT ! - HER FEET -* - clip is 8:50 min long - 

I told you, that ksenija's feet are abut to get tickled ! 

and if i say something, i usually stick to it. 

so here it is ! some sock removal and feet tickling on poor ksenija. 

ksenija is not too ticklish on her feet, her reactions went from "i can't stan it" to "its nice when you play with my feet" 

* the clip us 70% feet tickling, and 30% lower body/upper body tickling. 




Tickling ksenija part 6 *Im seeing stars - clip is 6:44 min long - 

we are shooting for a long time now 

poor ksenija is really close to loose her mind. 

unfortunately for her we just can't stop tickling her ! 

she is so sweet and ticklish, and even when she says that she is going to resist it whell, she just can't ! 

her armpits and sides and belly really get's it good on this one.... 




Tickling ksenija part 7 *The last part* - clip is 6:47 min long - 

This is the last part of this amazing model tickling session. 

she is exhausted, her mussels hurts and she cant stand it any longer. 

but we kindly asked her to give it another short push.... her eyes said no, but her heart said yes :) 

this one is pure armpit torture ! 




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