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Extremely ticklish Alina 

This is the second shooting from my bachelor party. 

Meet Alina ! ksenija best friend. 

as i said before kesnija had so much fun with us, so she decided to bring us her friend. 

Enjoy this ticklish wonder ! 


Tickling Alina part 1 *REVENGE TIME !* - clip is 07:28 min long - 

So, its ksenija with us again. 

but this time its her friend alina that is tied to the bad. 

ksenija starts up with some trash talking, saying that her friend alina always like to mess with her, tickle her and scare her from behind. 

so its payback time ! alina is very strong, but we strapped her good..... 

alina starts slow, but as soon as i give her the go signal she shows no mercy. 

i couldn't resist and showed a little bit of my magic :) 

belly, pits and sides get attacked on this one. 




Tickling Alina part 2 *In for the kill !* - clip is 06:21 min long - 

I couldn't think about a better way for things to go. 

By now, alina understand that she is going no where ! 

The bonus part is, that kesnija is now 100% in our side ! 

I don't think that she even remembers that alina is her friend.... 

when she sat on her, i understand that she is in for the kill. 

she enjoy this situation, and for us that's just perfect. 

all over tickling ! 




Tickling Alina part 3 *On your belly !* - clip is 05:50 min long - 

During the session, it have noticed that Alina is ticklish on her back. 

so in this one, Alina is tied laying on her belly. 

as i saw, Alina was ticklish on her back side to. 

ksenija and i attacked her back, inner thighs, sides and pits. 

the fact that she couldn't see us, made her even more ticklish ! 





Tickling Alina part 4 *The one with the raspberries* - clip is 06:16 min long - 

This session is all about ups and downs. 

alina is allmoast done and this is our last chance to show her what we know. 

by now we have realized that if we stop for a few seconds, and just messaging and relaxing her, she forgets about the tickling... 

then out of no where we jump on her with some brutal tickling ! this just drive her crazy ! 

in this one, kesnija also gave alina a few raspberries. 

i think that both of them like it. well, maybe alina like it a little bit less.... :) 




Tickling Alina part 5 *Sock tickling, sock removal, bare feet tickling* - clip is 08:15 min long - 

Finally we get to her FEET ! 

let me start by saying, that alina isn't too ticklish on her feet.... 

it goes from "this is nice" to "i cant stand this" 

we start playing with her feet while her sexy long black socks are still on. 

then we started to slowly remove her socks revealing her cute little feet. 

Ksenija than stated to explorer every inch of her feet revealing some spots that drove her crazy ! 

** This clip is 75% feet tickling and 25% all over tickling ** 





Tickling Alina part 6 *Holding & the tickle fight* - clip is 05:32 min long - 

This is the last part from this 2 amazing girls. 

this clip starts as ksenija hold's alina from behind. 

alina is very strong, but to our surprise ksenija gave a really good fight ! 

when i saw that ksenija can handle it i started tickling alina all over her body. 

suddenly, alina got loose, and started to turn on ksenija ! 

with no other choice, i have called for a tickle fight ! 



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