Anya (2018)

Armpits, Feet, Belly button, belly, 3 ON 1, Extreme tickle torture |

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Super cute and Super ticklish 18 years old student -Anya- 

prepare yourself to fall in love ! 

Meet Anya ! 

I really can't think of anything not to like on this one ! 

she is 18, she is really really cute and most important SHE IS TICKLISH ! 


Tickling Anya part 1 *YOU ARE SO SWEET !* - clip is 06:54 min long - 

This is the first part of Anya being tickled. 

it starts with a very short interview and we go straight to business. 

in this clip, you will also see Adeline for the first time ! 

adeline is our new rising star ! she has joined us as a tickler in our recent shooting. 

Adeline and anya are friends from the university, but as we started this shooting Adeline showed no mercy on her friend ! 

Adeline immediately started tickling this poor girl all over her body. 

upper lower and basically anywhere ! 

most of this clip is focused on the upper body. 




Tickling Anya part 2 *Please I can't !* - clip is 06:14 min long - 

This is the second part of this cute and ticklish girl. 

Anya is really really ticklish ( and i saw some ticklish girls in the past) 

In this part, Adeline keeps having fun with her schoolmate. 

she really seems to enjoy this a little bit too much :) 

too bad i can't say the same thing about little Anya. 

Anya gets tickled all over her body. 




Tickling Anya part 3 * Riding on 18 years old cutie * - clip is 07:45 min long - 

I think that this is my favorite part from this series ! 

Adeline decided that it will be a good idea to site on Anya to prevent her from moving too much. 

i can't say that it was a bad idea.... 

Anya tries her best to kick adeline off but she just can't. 

adeline, who by now knows all the secret spots that makes anya go crazy, show no mercy on her poor helpless friend. 

at some point, i decided to join the party, and show anya some of my moves. 

i don't want to say too much, i can just say that i didn't loose my touch :) 




Tickling Anya part 4 *Her FEET* - clip is 09:07 min long - 

Its feet time ! 

Finally, im proud to say ! this one, is very very ticklish on her FEET ! 

and now, its not only me and adeline. 

another friend of this 2 girls arrived and she can't to tickle her friend's feet 

both of them just sat on her feet, removed her socks, and tickled her until she couldn't breath ! 

did i mentioned the anya is very ticklish on her pretty feet ? 

enjoy ! 




Tickling Anya part 5 *raspberries* - clip is 10:06 min long - 

This is the last part from this lovely lady. 

Anya is really exhausted. she is really really ticklish and not only that it's not over 

it's not just me and Adeline. a new friend of them has joined us and guess what? she really like tickling her poor friend 

Adeline and her friend show no mercy on poor anya. both of them just attack her all over her extremely ticklish body. 

this clip you will see anya tied to the bed while Adeline friend tickles her and make some raspberries on her ticklish belly. 

in the other part of this clip, anya is held down by Adeline friend while Adeline continues to tickle every inch of her ticklish body. 

enjoy ! 


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