Marina (2018)

Armpits, Feet, All over tickling, Belly button, belly, 3 ON 1 |

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Tickling productions proud to present - MARINA 

what can you ask more ? 

she is pretty, she is funny, she is sweet and she is pretty ticklish ! 

prepare to fall in love with marina..... 


Tickling Marina part 1 *Your using the safe word too much* - clip is 07:32 min long - 

This is the first part on this series. 

Marina was never tickled before, so she didn't really know what to expect. 

apparently, we have forgot tell this poor girl that we have a safe word "BAMBA" 

she really suffered, and then Adeline told me (without stopping tickling her) that she doesn't know the word. 

unfortunately, once we told her she started using it too much. 

but don't worry, we have warned her that she is using it too much and eventually she will run out of "BAMBA" 

that was a lovely session ! 

Marina was tickled all over her body. 



Tickling Marina part 2 *My turn to torture poor marina* - clip is 07:20 min long - 

Finally, its my turn ! 

As good as Adeline is, i'm better ! 

everybody in the room knows it.... except marina.... 

but, this is all going to change. 

i'm starting with some light tickling. even the slightest touch causes marina to jump. 

and then out of nowhere i attack marina with all over extreme ticking, 

it was so instance that she managed to get loos one time. 

don't worry though, we just strapped her tighter :) 



Tickling Marina part 3 *Your feet is mine !* - clip is 07:20 min long - 

I know that you have waited for this. 

yes, its feet time ! 

we finally started exploring marina's feet. 

marina can stand us touching her feet, and like it isn't enough, 

once in a while, liron starts to slightly tickle her pits and sides. 

the fact that she can't tell where the next touch will be makes her extra jumpy.... 

and then, our lovely Adeline, while texting with her phone took marina's other feet, 

and started tickling her also. 

I don't think that this one is coming back.... 




Tickling Marina part 4 *The last one* - clip is 09:24 min long - 

we wanted to got more from marina, but there was no way. 

by now, marina has learn our safe word, she can say "BAMBA" 

without thinking too much.... 

in this clip we have tickled marina in 2 positions 

a loosen hogtie (we like it when she can try to resist) and tickled while Adeline 

and liron (each at a turn) holds her hands behind her back. 

marina screams, bags, laugh and try her best not to loos her minde, 

while we push her to her final limits. 



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