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Tickling productions proud to present - Ola 

as you know by know we have frequent flow of ticklish ladies from a Ukrainian university ! 

ola is another pretty 18yo student that was never tickled before. 

as with all of them, once we tickled them, they never come back ! ;) 


Tickling Ola part 1 *Yes Im ticklish !* - clip is 06:11 min long - 

Finally, we got this pretty 18yo tied up to our tickling bed. 

guess what ? our lovely Adeline is here and she gain experience as she tickles more and more girls. 

by now, the rumor is widely spread at the university. 

the rumor says that a mysterious girl named Adeline tickle's the hell out of pretty girls that just want to have fun. 

without wasting too much time, Ola will now experience the force of Adeline. 

in this first part, Adeline learns and tickles poor Ola all over her ticklish tight body ! 



Tickling Ola part 2 *You are worse !* - clip is 11:24 min long - 

in the first 4 minutes of this clip, Adeline keeps exploring ola's body. 

at this point my fingers started to itch... 

i sent Adeline away and started to work my magic on this poor 18yo. 

she has a super cute and ticklish body. 

she was jumping almost every time i laid my hands on her. 

it was a real treat to tickle this tight body ! 



Tickling Ola part 3 *Tickled on the sofa* - clip is 6:14 min long - 

we are almost done with this lovely girl. 

she really got tickled from all angles and her tight little body can hardly take anymore. 

we wanted to make it a little bit more easy on this poor 18yo so we moved her to the sofa. 

liron was holding her from moving while Adeline continued to torment her with her devilish fingers. 

guess what ? ! 

liron's hands holding her was worst then the bondage :) 



Tickling Ola part 4 *Tickling 18yo FEET* - clip is 5:40 min long - 

this is the last part of this lovely girl tickle session. 

ola is not too strong and she is really submissive. 

we told her not to move and she really didn't try to move too much. 

liron was holding her hands, while yours truly and Adeline was holding her feet and tickling them. 

i cant say that ola is too ticklish on her feed but i really loved her reactions. 

specially in the process of removing her socks. 




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