Martha (2018)

Armpits, Feet, Sock removal, Belly button, Extreme tickle torture |

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Tickling productions proud to present - Martha ! 

as you know by know we have frequent flow of ticklish ladies from a Ukrainian university ! 

its now Martha's turn to get tied down and tickled. 


Tickling martha part 1 *Not both of you please ! * - clip is 08:17 min long - 


poor martha is incredibly ticklish ! 

this 19yo is ticklish everywhere ! 

adeline started out slowly causing martha to burst in uncontrolled laugh 

but this wasn't enough for us so we asked another friend of them to join this session. 

4 hands, was just too much for this poor student. 

in this part martha gets tickled on her upper body. 

Enjoy the extra long preview. 




Tickling martha part 2 *Torture among friends is the worse* - clip is 10:00 min long - 


Martha knew that she was ticklish .... 

but we helped her realize just how much :) 

Martha tickled by her two friends on her feet, armpits and all over her amazing body !!!! 

But you must see her getting crazy when her Neck getting tickled .... 

first half of the clip features matha's friends tickling her all over. 

the other half is all me and her :) 

You can hear her sweet laugh and see me tickling her until she couldn't stand it any more. 

ENJOY the 1:30 min free preview. 




Tickling martha part 3 *Until the ropes gave up. TWICE !* - clip is 11:24 min long - 


i really think that this one got what it takes. 

we have 2 girls. really sweet, and devilish at the same time. 

tickling a third sweet and really really ticklish girl. 

this 2 torture their poor friend, finding each and every spot on her ticklish body. 

they tickled her so hard, that she broke our bondage ! TWICE ! 

that didn't stop us.... we fixed it to be stronger and tighter. poor martha didn't really had a chance. 

in this clip you have about 40% upper body and 60% feet tickling. sock tickling, sock removal and bare feet tickling. 

ENJOY the 1:40 min free preview. 



Tickling martha part 4 * Hold her for the last time * - clip is 4:48 min long - 


this is the last part of martha tickle torture. 

first, martha is holded firmly by adeline while martha's friend tickle her all over her ticklish body. 

martha really can't stand it any more, she tries her best to free herself from adelin's hold 

i saw that adeline was also exhausted (martha is pretty strong) 

so we asked martha's friend to switch places with adeline and hold her friend while adeline tickles her. 

as i always say, tickling comes before friends :) 



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