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Tickling productions proud to present - Nika ! 

as you know by know we have frequent flow of ticklish ladies from a Ukrainian university ! 

its now Nika's turn to get tied down and tickled. 


Tickling NIKA * THE WHOLE SESSION + EXTRA * - MP4-HD - clip is 38:14 min long. 

This is the full session of nika being tickled. 

combined from parts 1-5 + some never before seen scenes. 

ist edited from the raw footage (not just all parts combined) 

this one has it all, ff/f, ffm/f, m/f, mmff/f. 

nika is tickled all over her body head to tow. 

this video also contains a short scene when the girls turn on adeline. 

get it all in one low price ! 




Tickling Nika part 1 - clip is 08:24 min long - 


After showing no mercy when tickling poor Martha, the tables has turned ! 

Nika is a Georges 18 years old and she is really ticklish. 

her session started with adeline tickling her ticklish body. 

as adeline started i could see that martha really wants to join the tickling and show Nika that she knows how to tickle. 

who can blame her ? watching this helpless beauty struggles looks so much fun ! 

this session features feet and upper body tickling. 

Enjoy the extra long preview. 




Tickling Nika part 2 - clip is 07:41 min long - 


Finally, you get to see nika's feet get tickled. 

i really think that this one is too sweet and pretty to get tickled. 

luckily for me and you, her friends think that she deserve it all ! 

first half of this clips is nika's friend tormenting her poor feet. 

in the other half, you can see me showing nika what is all about. 

she really bagged me to stop.... but as usual, i take my time. 

Enjoy the extra long preview. 



Tickling Nika part 3 - clip is 07:06 min long - 


Ok girls. stop playing around ! 

its about time that Nika will see, or actually feel what's real tickling is all about. 

i really really wanted to get my hands on this one. 

she is so pretty and so ticklish and she got that cute look when she fells that she is about to get tickled. 

i actually had to sit on her to keep fer from moving around. 

i think that i managed to push her to the end. what do you think ? 

in this part Nika suffers aggressive upper body tickling. last minute features the beginning of her feet tickling session. 

Enjoy the extra long preview. 




Tickling Nika part 4 - clip is 08:34 min long - 


Falling in love with nika ! that's what happen to me. didn't you ? 

nika is tied up, laying helplessly while 2 of her friends start tickling her feet. 

when nika try to move her small feet i step in and hold her so she can't move at all. 

the girls love the position of nika being completely helpless and they just tickle her as hard as they can. 

at some point they headed back to her upper body and then back to her feet again. 

i think that they cover every inch of nika's ticklish body. 

Enjoy the extra long preview. 



Tickling Nika part 5 - clip is 07:47 min long - 


don't say i didn't tell you. this is nika's last part. 

as all good things must come to an end, this session is not different. 

i decided to end this session with nika's friends hold and tickle her. 

i have to say that the girls really took it seriously. when the girls ran out of power, liron step in and gave a hand or two ;) 

the grand finale is 3 girls TICKLE FIGHT ! where poor adeline also get some tickling for the first time.... 

Enjoy the extra long preview. 


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