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Tickling productions proud to present - Juliet ! 

as you know by know we have frequent flow of ticklish ladies from a Ukrainian university ! 

its now Juliet's turn to get tied down and tickled. 


Tickling Juliet part 1 - clip is 10:05 min long - 


wow ! Ukrain was so much fun ! 

Juliet is another lovely student (another friend of adeline) 

Juliet was really nerves about the whole situation, before we even laid a finger on her she asked for a break \: 

it took some time, but finally she got over it. 

soon enough all the stress turned in to uncontrollable bursts of laugh. 

this session features upper body tickling. 



Tickling Juliet part 2 - clip is 08:37 min long - 


In this part i continue investigating juliet ticklish spots. 

unlike other girls, this one is a bit hard to read. 

Juliet is in true stress and she is trying to hide her ticklish spots. 

i have to say that scanning her body was so much fun ! 

i did find some spots that made this poor girl go crazy. 

i love the feeling when i find a weakness and take a full advantage of it 

juliet gets tickled mostly by me but adeline couldn't resist and helped a bit ;) 



Tickling Juliet part 3 - clip is 09:32 min long - 


So, this is the last part of Juliet upper body being tickled. 

we focused on her very ticklish pits belly and sides on this one. 

adeline is working so hard to find and attack all of her ticklish spots. 

i specially like the part when liron starts crawling to Juliet's armpits. 

she really did't expect it... she thought that as long as she feels adeline hands, 

she shouldn't feel anything else touching her.... 

and boy, she was surprised :) 




Tickling Juliet part 4 - clip is 07:14 min long - 


Finally, we got to play with Juliet's feet ! 

we started out while Juliet still has her sucks on. 

then, our lovely Adeline started to slowly remove her sucks 

revealing her yummy feet. 

i just love the first few seconds when the ticklee feels Adeline fingers on her bare feet. 




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