Mary (2018)

Armpits, Belly button, belly |

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Tickling productions proud to present - Mary ! 

as you know by know we have frequent flow of ticklish ladies from a Ukrainian university ! 

its now Mary's turn to get tied down and tickled. 


Tickling Mary part 1 - clip is 8:10 min long - 


Mary founds herself tied down to our tickle torture bed. 

by now, this bed is famous in the university near by as we have several students coming in from there. 

this time, its not only Adeline doing the tickling... we also got another friend of Mary with us, 

and she just love tickling her collage friend ! 

Mary get tickled on her pits,sides,belly neck and much more. 

i love it when the ticklee and the tickler know each other. the look on the ticklee face, 

when her friend start tickling her is priceless ! and the look on the tickler face when she understand 

that her friend just laying there, helpless.... well, call me crazy, but i love IT ! 



Tickling Mary part 2 - clip is 8:47 min long - 


mary is tied down in spread eagle position. 

adeline and mary's friend continue to tickle each and every spot on her ticklish body. 

at some point they decide to lift her shirt up exposing her ticklish belly. 

at this point, i decided to step in and show the girls how its done ! 

i think that they learn well ! as i left, 

mary's friend just jumped on her and start tickling her while showing no mercy ! 

i love when this things happen.... 



Tickling Mary part 3 - clip is 10:28 min long - 


Feet's and pit's until she begs no more ! 

i choose this name as it describes the atmosphere at this stage of the session. 

Mary was sweaty and exhausted it seem like she really cant take no more 

and we where planning at least 10 minutes of none stop feet and upper body session. 

Adeline and mary's friend was into it we where into it but poor mary.... apparently she wasn't. 

but, enough of this chitchat we all know she isn't going anywhere until we get what we came here to do.... 


this clip is about half feet and half intense upper body tickling. 



Tickling Mary part 4 - clip is 05:58 min long - 


This is the last video of mary being tickled. 

both adeline and natasha (you will soon get natasha tickled no worries !) 

are holding poor mary each at her turn and tickle attacking her on each and every spot of her ticklish body. 

mary was so strong that i had to ask liron to help the girls holding her. 

according to him it wasn't very easy..... 



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