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Olga (2018)

Armpits, Feet, Belly button, belly |

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Meet Olga 

adeline keep saying, guys you gonna love the next girl.... 

im actually don't really like busty girls, but boy, was liron exited ! 

busty olga is a real ticklish treat ! 


Tickling Olga part 1 - Get her Adeline - clip is 6:08 min long - 


busty Olga is tied up, her movement is really limited and Adeline is in a mode to tickle 

this combination created this lovely scene. 

Olga is really ticklish on her upper and lower body. 

this part is mainly focused on her upper body. 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling Olga part 2 - Upper $ Feet - clip is 7:06 min long - 


Olga is tied helplessly in spread eagle position. 

the session starts with adeline tickling her armpits, belly, legs and inner thighs. 

in the second part of this clip, adeline start focusing on olga's feet. 

it seems like olga really hate the attention on her ticklish feet. 

and if as adeline wasn't enough, i join in and help her. 

i mean, got gave her 2 feet's, why not tickle both of them ? 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling Olga part 3 - Adeline love's Olga's feet ! - clip is 7:44 min long - 


Wow ! Adeline really likes tickling Olga's feet. 

At first i tried to help her a little bit with a toothbrush, 

but it looked like Adeline totally got it under control. 

i really think that she really enjoyed the power that she has over Olga's feet.... 

this clip is 100% feet tickling. 

This is Olga's last session, 

Enjoy ! 


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