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Nastia S (2018)

Armpits, Feet, Sock removal, belly, 3 ON 1, Extreme tickle torture |

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Meet Nastia S. 

Your looking on another great great girl that adeline found for us. 

and the coolest thing was that Nastia S didn't came alone ! 

she came with another friend of her named Diana that really wanted to join in and tickle her friend. 


Tickling Nastia S part 1 - * 2 on 1 from the beginning * - clip is 9:24 min long - 

we had started this session without even realizing that it was started. 

Im not sure what is the relation in this trio ( adeline - Diana and Nastia S ) 

but the girl's just wanted to go ahead and start tickling her ! 

this two girls just stated attacking poor Nastia S reaching every inch of her ticklish body. 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Nastia S part 2 - * Team up against A friend * - clip is 8:49 min long - 

They have joined forces. they fear nothing ! and they have a ticklish victim at their mercy. 

Unfortunately for poor Nastia S, Adeline and Diana don't seem to have any mercy on her ticklish body. 

No Brakes, no discount all over extensive tickling ! 

i can really see how the girls loved tickling this poor victim. 

It's always much more fun when you know the victim from home. 

im sure that many issues was finalized on this session. 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling Nastia S part 3 - * Ill Show You how ! * - clip is 7:39 min long - 

I really think that Adeline and Diana are awesome but still, can i pass on tickling this ticklish treat ? 

she is already tied down, all of her ticklish spots are exposed completely how can one resist it ? 

so this session features 2 parts. 

firs part is me showing the girls how you should teat a ticklish lady. 

second part is Diana and Adeline go crazy on nastia S ticklish feet. 

ticking this one was so much fun. and seeing the girls going crazy on her feet... well, this was just priceless.... 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling Nastia S part 4 - * 2 Girls on 2 FEET's * - clip is 7:17 min long - 

I think that this was the funniest session as you can really see how Adeline and Diana enjoy doing this.... 

Nastia S can't go anywhere and the girls saw at some point that her socks are still on.... 

they where black (same as her pantyhose) and we just didn't notice them.... 

when Adeline saw it she decided that the socks has to go.... 

nastia S realized that the girls are on to her and started screaming before they even tried to tickle her thru her thin pantyhose... 

when they finally did, she really tried to escape.... good thing that we used the good rope on her :) 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling Nastia S part 5 - * Don't let her GO ! * - clip is 6:12 min long - 

this is the last session of nastia S :( 

in her last session, nastia S is firmly held by Adeline and Diana N. 

usually, Nastia S is really strong. but she is so exhausted from the previous tickling so holding her was possible. 

while one girl holds, the other one tickles. 

they tickled this poor girl until she used the safe word "BAMBA" for the last time.... 

at least we get to see Nastia S helping Adeline in tickling Diana N. 

Enjoy ! 



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