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Meet Diana N ! 

I really don't know where adeline find all this girls. 

but yet again, she found another star ! 

Diana N is really ticklish all over her body. and, she is defiantly a winner in our weirdest laugh contest ! 


Tickling Diana N part 1 - * Until she got loose * - clip is 6:58 min long - 


Diana N is tied up, both Adeline (which really love to tickle girls) and nastia S ( who is in this for revenge) 

are getting ready to torture this poor and ticklish blond french tiny victim. 

you can really see the fire on Nastia's eyes as she tickle Diana. 

diana is really ticklish I don't think that she knew how ticklish she really is... 

Diana is tickled all over her body by our lovely Adeline and Nastia. 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling Diana N part 2 - * Leave My Armpits * - clip is 10:19 min long - 


I just love diana's armpits ! 

diana is really ticklish on her pits and the girls knows it.... 

Adeline and Nastia S decided to focus on this poor tiny girl armpits leaving her out of breath ! 

since diana is ticklish all over her body the girls also tickled her belly and sides. 

i also saw nastia S going for her feet once in a while (she just couldn't resist :) ) 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling Diana N part 3 - * No, Please, Not YOU ! * - clip is 08:01 min long - 


As always, its my turn to torture this ticklish beauty. 

Back in Kiev the girls (Adeline in particular) used to call me the "pedagog" 

They said that I'm like their tickling teacher.... 

Adeline kept telling Diana that when my turn comes she is going to beg for mercy. 

i don't know if i can count what she did as begging, but she was completely helpless an tickled without mercy ! 

i think that i can conclude it as job well done :) 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Diana N part 4 - * Her Feet * - clip is 08:20 min long - 


Feet Feet Feet ! 

there where so many feet in my frame that i just got lost.... 

bare feet, feet covered in socks, pantyhose covered feet's what not... 

you know the drill, Diana N is tyied up. Adeline and nastia S get full access to here bare feet. 

what good can come of it ? 

for Diana N ? well, about nothing.... but for us ? well.... 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Diana N part 5 - * You Are So flexible * - clip is 06:39 min long - 


Holding flexi Diana N. 

Wow ! i didn't know that Diana is so flexible ! 

In this clip i asked Nastia S to hold Diana so Adeline could tickle her. 

soon enough, the whole session turn into a tickle fight where Adeline grabs Diana's leg and lift it up. 

Didn't know that Diana is that bandy ! 

Enjoy ! 


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