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Julia (2018)

Armpits, Feet, All over tickling, Belly button, belly |

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Meet Julia ! 

OMG ! i just love the innocent look on this girl's face ! 

Julia has the perfect girl next door face and total look. 

her tiny body is just amazing.... 

Tickling her was so much fun ! 


Tickling Julia part 1 - * Spreading Tiny Girl Next Door * - clip is 9:00 min long - 


As soon as Adeline entered the room with Julia, my hands started itching. 

she had one of the cutest faces i have ever seen and i couldn't wait for us to her tied up. 

we started strapping her down and we could clearly see that this poor girl has no idea what she got herself into. 

As usual, Adeline didn't even waited for my mark and just started tickling poor Julia while completely ignoring her cries. 

on this part Adeline focuses especially on Julia's upper body. 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Julia part 2 - * Playing Ping Pong With Her Body * - clip is 9:31 min long - 


Did you fall in love with Julia yet ? I sure did.... 

This session was so much fun to shoot. 

julia was brutally attacked by Adeline all over her body. 

Liron saw it from the side and decided that he have to tickle this poor girl (although he isn't into tickling that much) 

he started pocking her on the side causing julia to try to get away, but doing so got her back to Adeline ! 

that's how we got this lovely footage of Liron and Adeline playing Ping Pong with Julia ticklish body. 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Julia part 3 - * Tickling Her Feet * - clip is 7:50 min long - 


As we go top to bottom, the time has come for Julia's feet to get some attention. 

While Julia is still in spread eagle position, 

Adeline and myself started exploring this amazing girl feet's. 

I thing that the toothbrush running between her tows did the trick.... 

other than that, Adeline fingernails did a great job... as usual :) 

Enjoy ! 


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