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Vika (2018)

Armpits, Feet, Sock removal, Belly button, belly |

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Meet Vika ! 

Do you remember gorges Alina ? 

Now she is back as a tickler ! 

and she came with her lovely friend Vika. 

Don't worry, adeline is there too. 


Tickling Vika part 1 - * THE A&A team strikes * - clip is 8:25 min long - 


What is A&A you ask ? 

A&A stands for Adeline And Alina. and what a tickling team it is.... 

I don't know what Alina told vika about our sessions but i'm sure she wasn't expecting the girls to be so cruel. 

Adeline and alina didn't gave poor vika any chance. they completely ignored her cries and worked as a mean mean tickling machine. 

thanks god its here and not me :) 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Vika part 2 - * Shake Her * - clip is 9:10 min long - 


Alina seems to take her tickling job very seriously. 

She suddenly decides to sit on poor Vika. by doing so, Alina eliminates Viaka's movement completely. 

she than decides to pay all of her attention to vika's armpits. 

It seems the vika is going crazy when Alina is bouncing her breast thru her armpits. 

it was an excellent Technic i must say.... 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling Vika part 3 - * Bouncing and feet * - clip is 5:11 min long - 


Vika, Alina and Adeline. what a lovely trio.... 

If they could just get along instead of tickling each other all day long. 

Just kidding, i love it when they tickle each other. 

About 70% of this one is Alina sits on Vika and just killing her with her new Technic of tickling, 

Where she just sit on her and start bouncing her boobies thru her pits. 

secund part of this one is both Adeline and Alina starts exploring vika's feet. 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling Vika part 4 - * Her Feet * - clip is 10:25 min long - 


Finally Adeline and Alina got to Vika's feet. 

They started with vika's socks still on. her feet was still ticklish even thru the sock ! 

later on, Adeline removed one of or socks. Vika defiantly didn't like that. 

Then, with one sock off and one still on Adeline and Alina kept torturing her feet for cruel 10 minutes ! 

I really love how this two work together. 

This is the last part from vika's session. 

Enjoy ! 


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