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Christina (2018)

Armpits, Feet, All over tickling, belly, 3 ON 1, Extreme tickle torture |

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Meet Christina ! 

First of all, i think that this one goes directly to our top 5 most beautiful belly's. 

i think that Christina's belly is just amazing. 

On top of her sexy belly Christina is ticklish !!!! 

yaayyyyy ! this is my favorite combination hot and ticklish. 


Tickling Christina part 1 - * LOST ON YOU * - clip is 9:22 min long - 

As mentioned above Christina's belly is just amazing. 

This tiny girl with her tiny and sexy body got everyone in the room fight to get a chance to tickle her. 

Adeline and Vika got the first shoot at tickling this cutie and i must say that they didn't let us down. 

they tickled this poor girl for a strait 9 minutes until she finally remembered what was the safe word. 

Christina got tickled all over her ticklish body. 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling Christina part 2 - * I CAN'T * - clip is 12:11 min long - 

Both girls are really happy to get back at Christina. 

Vika remembers what she did to her while she was tied and Adeline.... well, Adeline just enjoy's torturing ticklish little girls. 

in the first 4 minutes both girls torture Christina's ticklish upper body (i also throw a hand or two once in a while. i couldn't resist) 

the rest of the clip is focused on Christina's legs and feet. each girl took one foot and started tickling it completely ignoring Christina's screams to stop. 

At some point, a toothbrush joined the party :) 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Christina part 3 - * LESSON FOR 18 YEARS OLD * - clip is 09:46 min long - 

This clip features 2 scenes. 

in the first part both girls tickle christina's feet. 

in the second part, i step in and teach Christina A lesson. 

i know that the girls can tickle pretty well, but i just couldn't stand aside with this one.... 

her amazing body made me step in and show her that tickling can be even worse than what she felt so far :) 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling Christina part 4 - * 18 years old finale * - clip is 11:54 min long - 

Wow ! i love Christina ! 

she is so ticklish and pretty. 

our tickling girls seems to also like Christina. they can't get their hands off her. 

in this last session :(, (yes this is the last one) Christina get tickled while being tied to our famous bed. 

later on, we decided to try and hold her from behind. its more fun when she think that she can't get away, when actually she can't ! 

Enjoy ! 


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