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Adeline (2018)

Armpits, belly |

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No need to introduce to Adeline,,,, 

I guess you all know her :) 

after tickling so many girls, i assumed its only fair that she will get some tickling too. 


Tickling Adeline - * The One And Only * - clip is 10:54 min long - 

So, this is all we have from lovely Adeline. 

her ticklishness is something that i can't really figure out still. 

its seems like she can actually control it..... 

during the session, she was really concentrating her face became red and she could resist my tickling. 

she did lost concentrate a few times and started laughing but it was always for a short periods... 

i really love this session although we couldn't really break her, i think that we got a real and unique tickle experience. 

actually, this footage is about a year and a half ago. last week i meet Adeline again and tried to tickle her again. 

in this attempt we got another different reaction. it involved crying and some unexplained pleasure :O 

but this is for another video.... 

Enjoy ! 


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