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Meet Victoria ! 

What can i say ? 

The flow of ticklish young girls keeps coming.... 

It's now Victorias turn to find out what tickling is all about, 

And trust me, she found out.... 


Tickling Victoria part 1 - * Ada, Alina, NO !!!! * - clip is 8:18 min long - 


this is the first part on Victoria's tickle session. 

This poor 19yo is really scared. 

this is her first time being tide up and tickled 

I guess she thought that Adeline and Alina will go easy on her since they are friends. 

What Victoria didn't know is that once she is tied down its all about being tickled as hard as it can be. 

Needless to say that both Adeline and Alina are professionals. the fact that they are friends with Victoria was forgotten the moment we started shooting, 

Both girls tickled the hell out of this poor 19yo. 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Victoria part 2 - * Getting sweaty * - clip is 8:26 min long - 


Things are starting to worm up.... 

Adeline And Alina really enjoy torturing poor victoria. 

As it seems, victoria is less enjoying the situation. 

at this point, Victoria realize that she isn't going anywhere. 

we can see that she is starting to sweat. she is in real trouble now.... 

adeline sudden urge to do some raspberries surly made it worse :\ 

i really wanted to tell them to stop.... but on the other end, why should i :) 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Victoria part 3 - * 19 Years Old FEET * - clip is 8:20 min long - 


Yes, i know, you can't wait to see Victoria's feet getting some attention. 

so there you go, Adeline And Alina decided its about time to pay some attention to victoria's FEET 

They start out by tickling her while her socks are still on, but soon enough they remove them. 

about 6 minutes of this clip is pure feet tickling. 

the rest is all over tickling 

Victoria is so cute, Adeline and Alina just cant take their hands off of her. 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Victoria part 4 - * 19 Years Old Sudden ATTACK * - clip is 8:19 min long - 


We all know that all good things must come to an end, 

and so, our time with ticklish victoria is about to end. 

since its our last shoot, the girls knew that this was their last chance to break this 19 years old. 

and as you probably know by now, both Adeline and Alina will not let this one go before they completely squeeze her last laugh out. 

it was cruel 8 minutes of pure tickling sweating and one totally helpless 19 years old. 

Adeline and alina's "SUDDEN ATTACK" strategy left poor Victoria confused and helpless. 

Enjoy ! 



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