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Meet Masha ! 

Yes, Yes, Yes ! 

Another university girl just arrived. 

And just look at her belly. i think it's just amazing. 

This 18 years old was just a tickle treat. 


Tickling Masha part 1 - * 18 YEARS OLD AMAZING BELLY * - clip is 9:04 min long - 


Adeline and alina just got a new toy. 

18 years old Masha gets tied up and tickled for the very first time. 

Masha doesn't even know if she is ticklish and where, 

So Ada and Alina needed to explore her ticklish body and find her tickle spots. 

this task was quite easy as masha seem's to be ticklish almost everywhere 

this clip focuses mainly on her upper body where masha suffer's 4 hands tickle torture. 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Masha part 2 - * 18 years old Can't Take it ! * - clip is 9:41 min long - 


masha's torment continues. 

the girls doesn't give her any discounts. 

Alina and Adeline continuously tickling her armpits and belly, 

While completely ignoring her begging them to stop. 

There are a few armpits tickling closeups on this one and i really love them ! 

I think that masha's armpits and belly are just perfect ! 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Masha part 3 - * My Turn On 18 Years Old Masha * - clip is 6:21 min long - 


Yo know, As much as i love tickling, 

Some times i don't get to tickle each and every model that we shoot. 

But as i saw Masha, i knew form the start, i must tickle this one ! 

And so I did ! we didn't had a lot of time left, but for what we had it was worth it. 

feeling this 18 years old under my tickling hands was absolutely awesome ! 

i tried surprising her by tickling her in many places at once making her wonder where am i going to attack next. 

I think that this technique was working pretty good on her ;) 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Masha part 4 - * 18 Years Old Feet * - clip is 8:22 min long - 



This clip is all about Masha's feet. 

We started out while Masha's socks are still on making her believe that they will stay on. 

Then i signaled Adeline to go ahead and slowly remove one sock.... Masha wasn't ready for it :) 

Later on, Alina removed Masha's other sock and from that point on the party started. 

in this clip both Adeline and Alina tickle torture Masha's feet. 

What can i say, team AA dose it again. 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Masha part 5 - * Hold Her Still ! - THE LAST PART * - clip is 6:16 min long - 



In this series finale, we asked Alina to hold Masha with her hands behind her back. 

I must say that Alina is extremely strong. 

Not only that she was able to hold Masha as Adeline tickled her, she also did some tickling by herself while holding her ! 

she even managed to lift Masha in the air a few times, making her fell completely helpless. 

once released, Masha and Alina started attacking Adeline for a short time :) 

Enjoy this last clip from our lovely Masha. 



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