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Meet Anna ! 

Anna is one of Alina's friends. 

As Alina saw all of Adeline friends come to get tickled she decided to bring one of her own :) 

You know us.... if she is ticklish, 



Tickling Anna part 1 - * Alina's famous Raspberries * - clip is 9:10 min long - 


So, what do we have here ? 

Ticklish 19 years old Anna gets tied to our bed, spreading her ticklish body to do as we please. 

Alina is A mean mean tickling machine. while Adeline is A little bit merciful, 

Alina has no boundaries and no "Friendship discounts" when its come to tickling. 

poor Anna immediately gets attacked by Alina leaving her no time to even prepare for whats comming. 

Sorry Anna, but she is your friend after all :) 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Anna part 2 - * Liron can't resist tickling poor Anna * - clip is 6:56 min long - 


Anna tickle torment continues in full power. 

Alina keeps tickling Anna's helpless body. 

without any notice, i saw a man hand entering the frame and start tickling Anna's armpits belly and sides ! 

since there was now one else in the room it was defiantly liron's hand that just couldn't resist this ticklish cutie. 

keep aside my surprise from this tickle act, poor Anna was really surprised by this hand tickling her out of nowhere 

Sorry Anna, i guess that liron just couldn't resist ;) 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Anna part 3 - * Torturing Her FEET * - clip is 10:16 min long - 


So, as we usually do, we got to her FEET. 

While poor Anna wish we get over with it, we let her know that its time to get her feet tickled. 

she wasn't even thinking that we are going to get to her feet so she was a little bit surprised. 

We got beautiful and talented Alina to show her how good she is in tickling feet. 

this clips is 80% pure feet tickling. 

The rest of the clip features some more raspberries, armpits and belly tickling. 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling Anna part 4 - * Butt UP * - clip is 09:55 min long - 


During the session, we saw that Anna is ticklish on her back too.... 

So we flipped her on her belly and tied her to the bed. 

ALina then started tickling poor Anna all over her ticklish body, 

Including her feet ! 

Enjoy ! 


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