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Meet Alina Y 

Her name is Alina Y and she just happens to be our famous Alina friend :) 

As you will soon find out, when it's tickling on the line, 

All friendships disappears as the bondage kicks in.... 

YES ! 


Tickling Alina Y part 1 - * Alina VS Alina * - clip is 10:31 min long - 


As we got Alina Y tied up, i asked her if this girls (our Alina and another friend of them) are her friends, 

As she finally realized the situation she is in she said " They are not my friends" 

to be honest, i cant blame her. 

what kind of friends will tie you up to A bed in front a complete stranger and tickle you helpless ? 

i guess that this bunch will have some things to discuss once this session is over.... 

This are 10 minutes of Alina Y gets tickled by two of her friends without stopping. 

They work really hard to get her all over her cute body. focusing on her belly, sides, upper body and armpits. 

they even throw some raspberries on her belly causing her to get really mad ! 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling Alina Y part 2 - * Not My Friends ! * - clip is 11:34 min long - 


Poor Alina Y is so pretty ! i just love her smile ! 

I think that her friends might be a little angry seeing her helplessly smiling. 

In the first part of this clip, Alina Y is tied to the bed while both of her friends continues to tickle her, 

All over her ticklish body, focusing on her pits and throwing raspberries on her ticklish belly. 

In the second part, Alina is holding Alina Y while the 3rd friend tickles her making her believe that she might get away. 

Alina is so strong, so Alina Y doesn't really got a chance to get anywhere. 

on top of that, Alina keeps tickling Alina Y on her neck and ear with her face and mouth.... 

If she would have done it to me, i swear i could kill someone. 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling Alina Y part 3 - * Leave My FEET ! * - clip is 8:26 min long - 


After A while of upper body tickling, 

We decided that's its time to check what's going on with Alina y feet. 

our lovely ticklers started out while Alina's socks are are still on. 

i think that the fact of her being tickled with her socks on made her really nervous on what she will feel once there off. 

and when she saw the toothbrush.... well, you know.... 

Feet tickling, sock tickling, sock removal and bare feet tickling. 

this is basically what you can expect form this one. 

there is some upper body tickling also. 

Enjoy ! 


Tickling Alina Y part 4 - * 3 ON ONE ! * - clip is 7:00 min long - 


This is the last session of Alina Y 

We got a full team working on her ! 

We got Alina y and Adeline tickle her Upper body and feet, 

While our Alina grab's one of her feet and refuse to let go. 

This clip is really all over tickling + some raspberries. 

I think we got A winning team.... too bad that it was over so quickly.... 

Well, i guess that Alina Y isn't too sorry that we are done with her :) 

Enjoy ! 


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