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Meet Masha B 

Ok, This one, i mean, WOW ! look at her.... she is so fucking pretty ! 

I don't know if it's just me, but i think she is just amazing.... 

She is like the profile picture for a 18 years old next door girl... 

is it just me ? I'm in love ! 


Tickling 18 years old Masha B part 1 - * So Fucking Pretty ! * - clip is 10:10 min long - 


As i mentioned before, i got completely in love with this one.... 

Her smile, her laugh, her amazing body just left me speechless. 

As in all of our clips, this is masha's first time being tied and tickled. 

And as always, Alina and Adeline show no mercy even though she is their friend ! 

Poor Masha didn't even know what to expect, both girls just jumped in on her and started tickling every inch of her body. 

I was so charmed by her innocent look that for a moment i wanted to step in and say HI ! leave her alone ! what the hell are you doing to this poor girl !!!! 

fortunately for me and you, i got myself together and didn't do it :) 

Instead, i stood aside and waited for my turn to tickle this amazing girl. 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling 18 years old Masha B part 2 - * 18 Years Old beauty Gets It * - clip is 6:02 min long - 


Did you fall for Masha yet ? 

this is A strait foreword continuation of the previews clip. 

Masha didn't get any break, alina and Adeline kept exploring her ticklish body while not caring too much on what she thinks. 

At some point, i couldn't help myself so i sneaked my hand in and tickled her armpit for a while.... 

Her surprise, thinking where the hell this extra hand came from was awesome ! 

And for me, her ticklish armpit was just perfect ! 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling 18 years old Masha B part 3 - * My turn with 18 years old beauty * - clip is 7:57 min long - 


Finally ! i get may chance on this amazing ticklee ! 

I can't tell you how much i wanted to get my tickling hands on this ticklish beauty. 

And when i finally got my chance, trust me.... i did it with all of my heart. 

Her ticklish and amazing body got tickled like never before. 

her desperate attempts to run away from my tickling hands just encourage me to get more intense. 

I loved it. i hope that you will love it too :) 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling 18 years old Masha B part 4 - * Feet Tickling & hold and tickle - LAST PART - * - clip is 12:04 min long - 


This is the last part of this amazing ticklee. 

I know its hard to say goodbye but at least we got her feet before we let her go :) 

this clip features about 7 minutes of feet tickling and 5 minutes where Alina firmly holds Masha B as Adeline attack her ticklish body. 

both Alina and Adeline seem to like Masha's feet. each one of them took one foot and just started doing everything they can to get Masha crazy. 

Masha didn't really like all this attention to her ticklish feet. 

Once she got loos Alina jumped on her and we started with Alina's famous hold & tickle show. 

I love it, Alina loves it even Adeline loved it.... 

Poor Masha, DIDN"T HATED IT :) 

Enjoy ! 



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