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Meet Galina 

Finally, we got to galina 

Galina was actually the last girl that we shoot on our trip to Ukraine. 

As for a last session, we did our best to get her good :) 

Don't worry by the way, since than we took another trip, and got us some new ticklee's ! 


Tickling 18 years old Galina part 1 - * I didn't know I'm ticklish ! * - clip is 10:20 min long - 


Poor Galina ! 

I really don't think that she knew what she came for. 

She was very stressful before the tickling started and she kept asking Alina what she need to do. 

Alina kept telling her, don't worry, you don't have to think of anything all you got to do is laugh. 

Galina wasn't sure if she is ticklish or not.... well.... i guess she knows that now :) 

In this part both Alina And Adeline tickle torture poor Galina. 

Sorry Galina, you are our last one ! 

Enjoy ! 



Tickling 18 years old Galina part 2 - * Exposing her amazing belly * - clip is 07:42 min long - 


Glaina is still tied to our bed in spread eagle position. 

Alina and Adeline site next to her and keep exploring her ticklish body. 

They lift her shirt up, exposing her flat and very much ticklish belly. 

once exposed, both girls are focusing on her ticklish belly. 

later on, they also get to her ticklish armpits. 

we got some great closeups on her ticklish belly and pits :) 

Just for the fun of it, you can see Masha B play with Galina's feet once in a while.... 

Enjoy ! 



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