ticklish sister part 2 photoset


Written by shay Published on Thursday, 07 June 2012 19:12 Last updated on Thursday, 07 June 2012 19:32

PHOTOSET FROM Ticklish sister part 2 !
A tale of two sisters.
So a girl named Shirel came to us through an ad and asked if she could also bring her sister so she will feel more comfortable.
and maby her sister would also like to film. Of course I said!,
As they entered they saw perspexi (our new device) shirel got really nervouse
And asked her sister to go first…,
Lovely girl very open and fun, really cute, and the most important very very ticklish!!! All over her body!!.
as we stated tickling her we could see her sister truly terrified on the couch , as they claimed shirel is even more ticklish
so I couldn’t wait lay my hand on her J.
So we finished torturing her sister who said she really enjoyed but Shirel was really scared and uncomfortable,
we told her she better try she came all the way and she agreed, so we tied her up… and she wasn't ticklish at all…
I think its because she was really stressed and uncomfortable with the situation,
a sweet beautiful girl, it was a shame but we let her go after 5 minutes…
Thank god she brought her sister and a very ticklish one I must add! she was very fun to tickle has a great laugh!!!