Tickling Elinor


Written by shay Published on Friday, 09 March 2012 15:22 Last updated on Friday, 01 June 2012 00:04

elinor came to us unsure what to expect, she came with her friend that later came to our help and not her's as soon as we tied her up she started laughing. i didnt even had to touch her and she went crazy... she was so sweet and her laugher was great, and when she thought she saw it all shay came to help me and showd her how its done by tickling her belly mercilessly!!!! she is a very ticklish girl! and her feet was one of the most ticklish parts, and when i took out the brush.. she got really crazy.. it was very fun!! enjoy, reut.

Tickling Elinor part 1
she really didnt know what to expect, and as soon as my hands got a little bit closer to her relly ticklish armpits she started laughing, i love the begging look on her face as she knew what was coming and the burst of laugher as i tickled her sensetive armpits... but she really is ticklish everywhere and even the slightest touch on her knees drove her crazy... and the anticipation of what will happen next helped alot..(wel,, helped me alot...)

Tickling Elinor part 2 * Take off your shirt *
Discription written buy the amazing reut ! well things started to heat up... litteraly! so little elinor took her long shirt off and stayed with a sleevless shirt (bad decision), she just became more vulnerable and even more ticklish, she burst into laugher as my fingers lingered over her underarms... and when they tuched...well she just went mad, after awhile of torturing her underarms i started looking for more extremely ticklish spots,and guess what i found some!! lucky me :) and poor her... i started tickling her thighs hips and belly, mercilessly ofcourse (the only way i know how :) ) enjoy!! reut!!

Tickling Elinor part 3:
it was really fun seeing her freaking out, but i wanted more :) so i called the expert (shay) to come and help, the terrfird look on her face when she saw his hands approaching her belly...so we teamed tickled her until she begged us to stop... but we didn't! she was a treat to tickle! enjoy! reut

Tickling elinor part 4
you know i really really like to teach my ticklees new things about themselves, i absolutely loved the surprised look on her face when i tickled her neck!!, and it made her make funny noises!! I also really like how when I tickle one spot another get's more ticklish, and then she said That’s it I'm not ticklish anymore, I loved proving her wrong!! Enjoy!, reut

Elinor's feet
Ok this preview was very hard to edit because it was so good! I actually almost felt sorry for her while watching it because I realized that we didn’t really gave her any break while tickling her extremely ticklish feet!!! She got insane, banging on the bed… it was hilarious and really hard keeping her still So her friend (which she brought to protect her) help me hold her…. And when I took out the brush lol, she started saying that it won't tickle with a brush but was interrupted with uncontrollable laughter, it was great at some point we flipped her on her belly and she sensed I took the bra and started laughing screaming no!! Hope you enjoy ! reut