Elizabeth part 1 photoset


Written by shay Published on Thursday, 26 July 2012 15:33 Last updated on Thursday, 26 July 2012 15:43

meet elizabeth.
elizabeth is a cute and ticklish girl who came to us through a "ticklish girls needed" ad that we posted.
she was really cute and helpless to reut's tuch....
as you can see we have also upgraded our device (perspexi)
it got a new name and now it can hold the victim standing as well as lying down !
lets hear your voice cheering for the new and improved PersWooDskI !
Reut's side of view:
well i LOVE PERSWOODSKI!!!, and you can see why,
it was really fun tickling with it, and you can do so many things!
so elizabeth was its first but not last victim!
a sweet girl, very ticklish, she laught before we even started ( i love when they do that>
we started out by tickling all over her armpits and belly

Tickling elizabeth part 1 (8:24min long. short 1min interview included !)
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